for the 40+ woman!

Last week, I lectured to a group of at-risk youth from the Spectrum Youth Project / Job Search Program in Victoria, BC (pictured below)

WIth this group, I always teach the importance of clean eating first and foremost (exercise can wait…for now), but many are resistant to giving anything up. But at the end of 2 days of lecturing, the message remains: you’ve gotta give something up to get something else… you’ve gotta learn to compromise with your eating

Participants always lament whenI say cheese is fattening, late night eating is a no-no, you gotta watch the carbs, and oh, that alcohol adds up…somewhere. “But I love cheese…I love my beer…I can’t live without sandwiches….”. The choice is always there, but if we don’t change something up, then nothing can shift.

Life is all about choices. It’s also in how you look at things. Lean people make compromises all the time…painful at first, but eventually these become a new eating lifestyle, and this newer version takes over. Then the results follow: more energy, nicer fitting clothes, and these rewards far outweigh what you had to give up. 

Life is a compromise…you can’t spend your entire paycheck on designer clothes every week or you couldn’t pay your rent or mortgage, right? It’s the same with food: determine what you want, then make just one compromise and see how it goes.

Start somewhere. View compromise as a trade-off to a healthy life. Pretty soon the compromise will be a distant memory and you will see it as simply the best thing you ever did. But remember the golden rule: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you get what you get: you will look and feel the way you do now. But if you change it up, compromise on something, let something go, then you’ll shift toward being lean, energized, and healthy for life!

It’s really as simple as that!


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