for the 40+ woman!

You’re Now an ALUMNI (270 days!)- A Gift from ME!

Hello Fellow ALUMNI!

You hit the 270 day mark! Wow!

With all this learning under your weight training belt, I can say with absolute confidence that you have more in-depth, real-life health and wellness knowledge than most trainers (and nutritionists) combined!

And I bet you’re looking pretty hot, too! Are you feeling better, too?

Please download and enjoy my Magic of Metabolism E-Book FREE, for you! (I so much love giving away gifts!) So many times we think metabolism is all about calories in and calories out….there’s more to it than that! Enjoy! Download here!

OK. Let’s continue our important work together and head into the next level –The Apprentice Level. We’ll continue to expand and grow our training and nutrition side, but we now get to add 2 extremely important aspects to the blend – Spiritual Health and Clean Living. I think this may be my favourite part of the program (well, ok, I really like the training part!). It’s here where we really get to ‘flesh out’ the HLP program.

In a few days, you’ll receive my popular Myths of Healthy Eating Seminar (filmed in Vancouver, BC, transcript included). If I had  introduced this awhile back, you would have thought I was off my rocker because it debunks a bunch of traditional myths and looks at things from a unique perspective, with truth and transparency (how refreshing)! But it can rattle some people who are hard-core traditionalists…so I had to work to shake loose your thinking caps a bit!

PS Don’t forget to mark down your measurements, weight and body fat again and put them in your Tracking Sheet.… need another one? CLICK HERE! Remember, mark them down every 3-months! Want to send it to me? I’d love to give you feedback.

Let’s go!