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What Kind of Glasses are YOU Wearing?

I always say success is an inside job. And that goes for eating well and creating a strong, healthy vibrant body and life too! But so many times I see women sabotage themselves with limiting beliefs about food, weight and training that they have adopted by default.

It’s time to update things. Shift how you think and see things and you’ll find freedom (and health) on the other side.

For example, I eat tuna for breakfast. I don’t eat bread, really (I haven’t had a sandwich in years), I eat raw eggs and raw steak, I never drink juice or milk, and we often snack for dinner rather than have a big meal. Sound weird?

To you it may, but to me how you eat is weird….cereal for breakfast, sandwich or soup for lunch, larger dinners with potatoes smothered in gravy and bread and butter, ice cream….no longer!

It took me awhile to change how I thought because after all, the majority is a powerful force indeed, but my desire to buck the status quo and get healthy was more powerful. So I did it, inch by breadless inch. And I love how I eat! Now I think that I eat the right way, and everyone else eats wrong. I finally made that shift in my head. I’m no longer swimming upstream…I’ve arrived, and I watch everyone else sputter in the waters!

What do YOU believe in about clean eating? Are those beliefs serving you? Or do you need to regroup and update them?  How do you see the world, what kind of glasses are you wearing? I’m including the article again (you had this one awhile back but I wanted to hit you with it again, it’s sooo important).

Next week, we head into spiritual waters…where true health and wellness can be found. Don’t dismay, regardless of your religion, you’re welcome to keep it! That’s cool! I’m talking spiritual as a way of living that says we live with an open mind an an open heart, so religion and spirituality are mutually exclusive, mutually important. Ok?

ARTICLE – What Kind of Glasses are YOU Wearing?

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