for the 40+ woman!

Two Tips for a Great Butt!

You  never see a great butt or legs on someone who didn’t use full contraction – extension moves.

In other words, simulating a squat….down to parallel, back and core solid, powering up thru the legs.

Sprinters have great butts, long distance runners do not. Why? Sprinters go all out, they are powering thru with their legs fully contracted, then extended.

Even if all you use is a bar, you’ll feel it, and your glutes and legs will tighten on the spot! But you gotta watch yourself in the mirror, from the side…are your legs parallel? If not, that’s ok. Keep doing it. They’ll get there.

And it’s a myth that squatting is bad for the knees and back (if you use bad form, yes) or gives you a big butt. Really, you’ll get a big butt if you don’t squat!

In the first video, I show you how to do it. In the second, I grabbed 2 friends from my gym (competitor Teresa is being spotted by Figure champ Bonnie McKechnie) and they show you how to do it with gusto! Enjoy! (Bonnie uses 4 plates a side…yikes!).