for the 40+ woman!

Tour Your Local Market!

Clean eating means clean shopping, and if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with farms and fresh markets, use these valuable resources! (Remember your Clean Eating Package you received on Day 40? Re-read it, ok?)

Remember, part of a healthy immune system and a superb lifestyle is learning to eat in season. Thruly! That means no tropicals in winter, instead choose warming root foods. No salads. No eating strawberries trucked up from California in February!

In summer, lighten up and eat fruits etc. When in doubt, look to the farmers’ fields or in your own garden…there’s the food you should be eating right there!

Here’s one of my favourite shopping haunts – Red Barn Market on Vancouver Island. They purchase local and their food is oh-so-tasty! You can truly taste the difference local / organic makes! No hormones, no antibiotics in those meats! Yum!

And for myself, who likes to eat raw red meat (yep!), shopping locally (and eating clean non-medicated animals) is ultra-important!

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