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Throw out the Canada Food Guide (really!)

First time I said, “Throw out the Canada Food Guide”, it was a little bit dicey. I was hired to teach a nutrition class to teachers, and as I  walked in the room, all along the walls were pictures of the Canada Food Guide.

So…I took a deep breathe and (respectfully) taught the class.

They loved it, and they even invited me back! I’ve been teaching that same group now for years. Whew!

Our poor Canada Food Guide is  flawed in so many ways: it doesn’t address the needs for quality fats, natural sweeteners, organic meats and fruits and veggies, and it’s top heavy with man-made carbs, and that’s just for starters!

I’ve done whole seminars on the CFG and I’ve got copies of every food guide for the last 50 years. Interesting to see how it changes with the interest groups in charge, and it does not keep up with science-based nutrition.

Never has. Never will. It’s a government agency with corporate agendas and strong marketing draws.

Besides, we’re working toward something better, greater….the Clean Eating Food Pyramid is where it’s at. It sustains our environment, practices good animal husbandry, lessens our carrying capacity and the toxic load on mother earth.

And our new CEP builds a strong, vibrant, healthy body. How can it get any better than that! Next week, I’m going to give you a new pair of glasses – figuritively-speaking, of course – in which to view your world. In case y9ou haven’t guessed it by now, my BLISS program is NOT traditional (that’s why it works) and neither are you…so let’s keep busting down convention, shall we?