for the 40+ woman!

The Truth about Cardio!

Too often than not, I see women doing too much cardio (at too little an intensity).

It’s women who do much cardio and too little weight training that caused us trainers to coin the phrase the skinny-fat person: the woman who goes go down a dress-size or two, but her shape never really changes. And even worse, she ends up eroding her shapely muscle and ends up just being smaller and looser version of her former self!

I don’t want that for you! I don’t want you to lower your metabolism, nor do I want you flapping about in the wind! So listen to me carfeully….

Cardio is great when done right. But if you want to burn fat, less is more!

You heard it right. And the answer to our cardio and fat-loss prayers – HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio.

Check out my video and article and learn, really learn, the ins and outs of proper cardio. Tell all your female friends, ok? Remember the sisterhood? We’re in this together! We owe it to them!

Download Article – Real Cardio for Real Results!

Next week’s lesson is on fat – you gotta eat fat to lose fat! Really! That’s good news, but what kind and how much is key! Stay tuned…

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