for the 40+ woman!

The Glycemic Index – The Real Truth!

OK. Here’s the real deal on the glycemic index. Most people look at it as the green applesugar value of a food, but that’s only part of it. You instead need to look at how that sugar value reacts with the body: you can still have a higher sugar food but it won’t necessarily create an insulin rush (that causes increased fat-storage).

How do you know? Well, familiarize yourself with the GI list and you’ll see the patterns pretty quick. Bit here’s a better way: remember the starchy-carb test? Remember…is it gummy and heavy (like a banana) versus light and airy (like a strawberry). Hands down, the banana will have a higher GI level.

But wait, what about juice?

Get rid of it. Totally. (Especially if you have weight issues). Eat the whole fruit instead (and even then, go easy on fruit, once piece a day max if you have weight issues). The whole fruit has fiber, and fiber lowers the GI value and its subsequent impact on your insulin levels (fat storage mechanism!).

And if you throw protein into the blend…what does protein do? (I’m testing you). It lowers the sugar value of a food! Remember?

You’ll catch on. Just think about how it feels in your mouth (heavy, gummy) and in your body (does it send your sugar levels sky-high? (Personally, I can’t drink juice, my sugars shoot way up and I’m like a third grader whose eaten 10 chocolate bars in a row!)

OK…we’re really starting to shilft things for you now…coming up in the next few weeks, we’ll delve deep into shopping and eating from a fresh, unique perspective….I want you to really change how you think about food and shopping, and I’ll take you into the mysterious world of health food and more…..shifting our inner world is the most important when it comes to positive change….sao stay open and trust me, ok? 🙂