for the 40+ woman!

Intensity is KEY!

Last week I mentioned that we’d unveil the biggest mistake people make that leads to failure in results. You guessed it – INTENSITY (or lack of!)

Honestly, I can say the biggest mistake gym-goers make is that they think they’re training hard enough when they’re not! True. It’s not until I train with them that they learn about real intensity!

And at this point in the game, you’re ready to up the ante! Here’s how.

Lift heavy! Yep, I said it. Remember our Myths on Women and Weights video you watched awhile back? Most women fear if they lift heavy they’ll get big (I wish it were that simple…I could have lifted for just a few months, and stopped where I was at!). And now that we’ve passed the 2 month mark, you’re ready to really lift!

You gotta lift big to get small.

But how much should you lift? And how do you know? The following article will clear it up for you – How Much Should I Lift? Don’t short-change yourself! Put some heart into it!


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