for the 40+ woman!

Watch Your ‘How To Use’ Videos.

Just in case you missed them in your workout cards, I’ve included your How-To videos…. How to Use the HLP and How to Use Your BLISS Workout Card, important info on how we do things here at McCoy Fitness.{{{hlp}}}

And don’t forget to check out your Recipes and Articles page for yummy, clean recipes. It’ll be updated with fresh recipes every month, so keep checking back! (remembr to use your monthly password that’s embedded in your workout card at the top…this gets you into the links along the top of the HLP pages!).

Here’s the link again to the How to Use videos.  

After today, you’ll receive a new lesson / video / article / tidbit every 7 days, so it’ll always be the same day of the week (whatever today is for you, this is the day of the week that your lesson / video / article from this automated portion of the HLP will be emailed out. Easy to remember, yes?)

So don’t forget to check your email on this same day every week! There is tons of info coming your way. And yes, I created it all, from scratch! Whew!

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