for the 40+ woman!

Cooking denatures a Food’s Energy…

The sprout…one of Nature’s most perfect foods. Here we see the effects of cooking on a food…the one on the left is raw, the right is cooked. Which do you think your body would derive more energy from?

For me, I like to lightly steam my veggies (except sprouts, they really don’t need to be cooked, do they?) to allow for better digestion, because while you can retain 100% of a veggies’ nutrients by eating it raw, you can only absorb 50% of its nutrients in the raw state because the body has to work thru all those layers of cellulose and fibrous encasings to get to the core. Too much work! And raw food is usually cold too, which dampens digestion and weakens the immune system (remember, best to eat room temperature…and that goes for drinking water too…never with ice! Now, an ice cold Corona beer in Mexico is always the exception! Tee hee!).

So…lightly steam, but never cook…or you get the devitalized version like you see in the right hand picture!