for the 40+ woman!

Congrats HLP APPRENTICE! A few GIFTS from ME!

Happy Anniversary to US!

Do you realize it’s been 18 months since you joined the Healthy Living Program! Whew! You should be very proud.

And for that, I want to give you something:

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As a thank you, I’d also like to send you (or a friend / family member) a FREE copy of my fitness and lifestyle book – One Rep at a Time. If you already have it, then I’ll gift it to someone else, so please email me with the person’s name and address and I’ll pop it in the mail for you, with a card saying it was gifted from YOU!

At this point you also qualify to be one of my HLP Ambassadors. What’s that?! Well, it’s a unique affiliate program to make easy, residual money just by spreading the word of health and my 10-week Best Shape Challenge……you’ll see. And at 30% commission, it’s one of the highest on the Internet! Why? Because I’m generous! Email me for more info!

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