for the 40+ woman!

Clean Eating and YOU!

OK. So what exactly is clean eating anyway?

It’s eating whole, nutrition-packed food. I know you’ve heard about it, it’s everywhere. But the fact is, clean eating has been around for about 50 years, ever since the first bodybuilder lifted their first weight….see, it’s really the bodybuilder’s diet (sshhh…we don’t call it that though…it scares everyone off!).

Over the next while, I’m going to be hitting you fairly hard with all this stuff. Why? Because if you’re not looking and feeling stellar…you are not eating well. Period!

I am not genetically blessed with a fast metabolism, and my guess is most of you aren’t either, and, like you, I’ve done all the diet stuff, lost and gained a ton of weight, and finally learned the real deal about food! So let me teach you all I know! It’ll be an eye-opener!

And once you grasp this clean eating thing, really grasp it so it sticks, you’re gonna love it. Why? Because it will no longer be a hardship to do….because when you start to eat well, you’ll start feeling and looking great, you’ll love the lifestyle! I promise!

Now I realize you’ve likely already read some of this stuff, but it bears repeating! It’s not about learning the info, it’s about ingesting it, yes? Making it a lifestyle! Repetition, repetition, repetition….just like lifting weights, you gotta do it over and over again until it becomes YOU!

As usual, grab a coffee (or a glass of wine, depending on the time of day) and sit back and make your way through this most important HLP Package!

Clean Eating Package. (Don’t forget to click on the audio to my brief message on the front cover!) Next week we bust open the myths around cardio too…. less is more! Really!