for the 40+ woman!

Alka – What?

Acid versus alkaline….it’s all the rage. And for good reason. Basically, it refers to the delicate balance between the two, and given our indulgent lifestyles, our generation is more acidic than ever!

And guess what? Clinical science-based nutritionists have shown that all of our nasty diseases breed in an acidic environment – cancer, MS, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease….

So the key is to alkaline…..veggies are king in this department, and if you can knock out the prescription medication, pain relievers (aspirin, Tylenol) and you adopt an exercise regime, you can shift it!

That’s also why I start my day with a greens in water – I use Greens +, Greens Rx, Berry Greens….whichever. I don’t know if there’s one better than the other, but I do know greens, in any form, help to alkaline my body. Or lemon in warm water every a.m. is pure heaven! Cleans the blood and liver too!

And I like that. Keeps the digestion good too, and the aches and pains away.

Here’s a funky coloured chart for you to use. CLICK HERE.