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Training and Stuff….

HLP Manifesto – Being a Warrior Woman!
The 10 SQUAT Commandments
More is Not Better (Better is Better!)
Stealing a Champ’s Routine (for a Champ’s Body?)

What is the BLISS Method?
How Much Weight Should I Lift?
Zen and the Art of Lifting
12 Tips for Successful Weight Training!

Questioning the Ball
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
More Training Myths Debunked.
Split Routine for Best Results!

Nutrition Articles



Clean Eating Recipes!


McCoy’s Menu Plans

Menu Plans – Friend or Foe?.
How to Create Your Own Menu Plans.
Winter Warmers.
Fall Cleanse.
Menu Plans #1.
Menu Plans #2.

Weight Loss and YOU!

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
The Best Way to Beat Cellulite!
Four foods to Avoid!

Other Neat Stuff!

Ditch the Teflon: Clean Cookware for your Kitchen
Lessons Learned on the Grouse Grind.
Buck Tradition!
Maintainers versus Regainers – Which are YOU?
The 40 Best Foods.
The Oreo Cookie Story.
Food Chart for Storing Food.  (courtesy of Clean Eating mag)

 Mind & Body

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