for the 40+ woman!

Want to get in awesome shape? Want to carve and tone that amazing body of yours? Want to lose excess fat and replace it with lean, shapely and sexy muscle? Do you want to create a New YOU? With McCoy Fitness’ unique on-line training programs, we’ve got you covered! Awesome results at a fraction of the cost!

We use a HYBRID approach to training, which is the ONLY way to carve, shape and tighten the female any age! It’s a blend of traditional bodybuilding moves, PLUS metabolism MET moves, PLUS functional moves! And it WORKS! You’ll see! Our training model is different because WE are different! (NO need to worry, we walk you through it all with clear, short videos and instructions!). You’ll learn to LOVE how WE train!

1) The 10 Week Best Shape of YOUR Life Challenge!
2) The 12 Week Advanced Best Shape of YOUR Life Challenge!
3) The Warrior Woman Group Coaching Program!
4) The Power-UP! Coaching Program!



The 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!

It’s time to turn your health and your life around with this unique and highly successful on-line training, nutrition and lifestyle program created by Karen!


In 10 weeks, you can carve the body of your dreams with this unique program. Learn how to lose weight for good, shape your thighs, arms, and abs. Cardio and plyometrics are also included, but the bulk of the Challenge is weight training, because that’s the only way to rev up your metabolism, shed the weight and carve and tone those amazing muscles of yours! Weekly exercise videos and workout cards will ensure you’re doing it right! Everything is done by Karen – no out-sourcing…ever!


The 12-Week Advanced Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!


If you love the ultimate challenge, if you’re ready to take it to the top, if you’re thinking about competing one day, try Karen’s advanced Challenge. This Challenge is for the serious woman wanting serious results. (Please note, members must have at least one full year of weight training experience and have been training for 4-5 days a week to be able to successfully keep up with this more intense program.)

Similar to the 10-Week Challenge, you will have weekly access to videos, nutrition guidelines, recipes and coaching from Karen throughout the program, and we’ll go deeper into advanced training and eating principals like explosives, negatives, 6-day split routines, carb cycling, zig zagging, depleting, cleansing, tapering and more!

Get The Results You Deserve! Karen’s popular Best Shape Challenges have been helping thousands of women (and men) get in the best shape of their lives in just 10 weeks! There are literally hundreds of success stories in The Challenge, from losing 25+ pounds and down to 16% body fat to improving relationships, and enhancing family dynamics. Check out the testimonials at the bottom of the page!


Not sure which Challenge is right for you? More details:

10-Week Challenge (Beginner to Intermediate) – More information »

12-Week Challenge (Intermediate to Advanced) – More information »


Who can join? The 10-Week and 12-Week Challenges can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. If you have access to a computer and a gym, you’re in! It costs a fraction of what you’d pay a full time trainer, and Karen’s knowledge and experience are unparalleled!

Is there support? Yes, 24/7! Unlike most internet programs, you get constant support from Karen herself throughout the entire Challenge! You won’t slip through the cracks! We promise!

Please note – There is no refund the week before (7 days) the Challenge(s) begin. For more information, click here.


Grab Your Seat in the Next Challenge! Only 30 spots!

10-Week Challenge – $299.00 (+ tx) – MORE INFO

Please see our Terms and Conditions.


12-Week Challenge – $399.00 (+ tx) – MORE INFO

Please see our Terms and Conditions.


Karen’s Warrior Woman Lifestyle Program – MORE INFO

Are you finding it hard to stick with your current training and nutrition program? Are you confused about what type of program to do and how often to change it up? Do you sabotage your healthy eating plan? Do you need motivation?? If so, Karen’s popular Warrior Woman Program is for you!

You get a ton of stuff to get you on track and keep you on track – workout videos and workout cards, recipes, menu plans, spiritual themes, weekly check-in’s, group coaching calls, interviews, seminars and more! There’s a new upload every week, and fresh workouts every month – to keep you trim, toned and moving forward in your exercise goals! We use a private Facebook page for most of our uploads and group discussions. Easy, fast, accessible! Please see our Terms and Conditions.

For more information, click here.

Sign Up TODAY! $41.99 + tax /month

Karen’s Power-UP! Coaching Programs

Our premium one on one Coaching Programs, where you work one on one with Karen to create a training, eating and lifestyle program to reach your GOALS! There are three levels to choose from, depending on your goals and commitment. Here, in the individualized 3 month or on-going (Silver and Gold Levels), Karen works closely with you to build your unique Lifestyle Program, with goal setting, visualization, and training and eating protocols to move you toward your individual goals! Whether you want to get ready for a show, outing, vacation, or you simply want to learn how to train, eat and live for continuous,  non-stop success, this is the program for you! For more information, please go HERE!