for the 40+ woman!

At Real Women, Real Success Wednesday night, the crowd asked me what my definition of success was. Easy. For me, it was finding and living my life’s purpose.

After the show, women came up to chat with me and we continued the conversation. And I am receiving many emails regarding this very thing every day….

It took me until the tender age of 48 to find my purpose. Prior to that I floundered for many, many years. I didn’t want a ‘job’, I wanted to wake up every day excited about my contribution to the world, and be able to make a living at it, to live and work my passion. What a great combination! I simply did not want to live the ‘traditional’ way that has us watching the clock till quitting time, waiting for paid holidays, working to earn a pension and retire (play it safe, girlie!), and then what? I wanted to live for each and every day, with health, energy, certainty, passion and purpose! I simply hated to conform…it was sucking my spirit dry. 

When I created McCoy Fitness & Health, my health improved dramatically and my spirit soared. And it’s still up there, circling the stratosphere! And every day I feel eternally grateful and certain about why I’m here and my role in the big picture. I’m here to share my knowledge and inspire women to live healthy, full, rich lives in body, mind and spirit, and they know that I walk among them as their equal, as we all struggle with overcoming challenges, self doubt, fear, confusion and loss. 

So how do you know your life’s purpose? In my paid Monthly Healthy Living Program we have Tele-coaching calls, and several months ago, our theme was this very thing. I want to share this with all of you, in hopes that it may ‘spark’ something in you, to help move you out of your rut and into your life’s purpose.

But here’s a glimpse for you…start writing down on a piece of paper what you think it may be……keep writing….what you love to do? What would your perfect day be? (It must include being of service, that’s purpose). It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come right away…it may take minutes or days.

When you finally come to a sentence that makes you cry….you know you’ve found your life’s purpose!

Please enjoy Finding Your Life’s Purpose. (Click on the link to listen!)


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