for the 40+ woman!

Recently, I received an email from a client who had a story to share: while at her chiropractor’s office, he asked her ‘what is your goal with all this? (meaning weightlifting/power lifting and this lifestyle).’ She had to think, then said, “my goal is to be a really healthy and fit 60-yr old.” I don’t think he expected that answer.

Often others think what we do is purely about “looking good” but this is way 6641-women-dont-realize-how-powerful-they-aredown the ladder for us Warrior Women. For us, it’s about stepping into our Power, living in health and wholeness. It’s about continual improvement, personal fulfilment, overcoming adversity, and walking through life in control and with confidence. Oh yeah, and we love the feel of good food in our veins and a dumbell in our hands!

See, we LOVE to eat well and to train, because it makes us feel good and function well. Oh yeah, and we look pretty good too. And anyone that says this isn’t important is hiding the fact because they are in fear of being reprimanded for being ‘conceited’, ‘vain’ or ‘obsessed with training’ (I personally love that one!).

Ladies, train away. Eat well. Nourish your spirit and your soul. Do what feeds you inside and out. Walk in your Power. Love the journey. Enjoy every step of it.

And the next time someone asks you “Why do you do all this fitness stuff, anyway?”, turn it around and ask them: “Why don’t you do any fitness stuff, anyway”?

🙂 – Karen

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