for the 40+ woman!

10 Week Best Shape Challenge

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GetInShapeHello Warrior Woman, and thank you for your interest in this unique, all in one training, nutrition and lifestyle program specifically made for the 40+ woman!

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With the 10-week Challenge, start envisioning your success. In 10 weeks from NOW, how do YOU want to look and feel? Envision it, see it, feel it, and it WILL be YOURS! So take a deep breathe…and let’s get going!

How it works

– I email you every Friday evening to open up the weeks’ lessonsand I also send out your BSC Audio that will answer your questions, and summarize what we’re up to that week! (These are NOT automated…they are freshly made every week, because every group is different!)

– You will access that week’s lessons, complete with E-Workout Cards, exercise videos, and Nutrition and Lifestyle Lessons.

-There are also 2 Check in Points along the way. Here, you use our handy Challengers Check in Form to keep you accountable and moving forward!

– Each week’s training, nutrition and spiritual themes build progressively on each other, to move you closer to your GOALS! There’s a lot to learn, so we gotta stay sharp! This unique program is full-on! And I support you throughout the week through email, audios and Social Media, whatever it takes to keep you on course and motivated!

– Participants join our Best Shape Facebook page, for on-going daily tips and tidbits! It’s just more support for you! (It is not necessary to be a Facebook user to join our program – it’s just another way to support you!)

And remember, I’m with you every step of the way! I don’t outsource to anyone! Promise!

: You’ll also get a one-on-one FREE 20-30 Coaching Call with me (value of $90). ! So you can ask me anything, and stay motivated and on track! And you will receive a FREE TRIAL of my maintenance program that follows the Challenge  (Warrior Woman Group Coaching Program), because getting there in one thing, staying there is another! (There is NO obligation to stay on this program, participants may unsubscribe at any time!)

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Now…let’s get started! Your new body, and life, await you….:)



The next 10 weeks will take you on a journey into the deepest parts of YOU! And
I’m really excited, because I get to teach you all I know
db13about getting in contest-shape by utilizing my Warrior Woman Training System based on the HYBRID method, the ONLY true method created for the 40+ woman!

Truly, you’ll be in the best shape of your life, 10 weeks from start date, if you stick to my plan!

Join us. You deserve it!